AccuConference International Conference Calling

Using AccuConference for international conference calls is a snap. You can bring your international participants into your call by outdialing to them from within the conference, or in 20 other countries you can have your participants dial a toll free number in their own country. Note: Every standard AccuConference account comes with a toll free number in the United Kingdom which can be used for dialing into a conference at 14.9¢ per minute.  You can also outidal to the UK for 7.9¢ per minute.

OutDialing from a Conference Call

Outdialing allows you to dial out from within your conference to anyone in the world to bring them into your conference.  Rates for outdialing are generally considerably less expensive than asking your participants to call a number in the USA at their own expense to join the conference.

Please note: To use the Outdial feature, you must complete the International Outdial Agreement and fax it to AccuConference.

Look up International Outdial Rates Here. . .

Outdialing can only be done if you have joined the conference via one of our toll free lines.  To outdial to your participants, dial into your conference and press star *1 on your phone keypad. Then dial out to the party you want to bring into the conference. Once you have them on the line, press *2 and you both will be joined to the conference. You can outdial to over 30 countries for the same low 7.9¢ rate as you get for your US participants. Callers from Canada, Alaska and Hawaii can call your normal 800# to join the conference at 7.9¢ per minute. Callers from the UK can call the UK toll free number at 14.9¢ per minute.

Automate Your Out-Dialing

If you have participants you wish to outdial to on a regular basis, you can set up contacts within your online account. This will allow you to outdial to these people with the click of your mouse. You can even create "groups" of people you wish to outdial to, and again, you can accomplish the outdial to all of them simultaneously with a click of your mouse. (Outdialing is always less expensive than having your international participants dial-in to the Atlanta, GA phone number, and it keeps all the costs consolidated on your account.)

International Toll Free Conference Numbers

AccuConference now has toll free numbers in 27 additional countries. In order to use the international plan and have access to these toll free numbers, you will need to add a second conference to your account.

Procedure: Sign-up online. After your email confirmation comes, call AccuConference customer service to request that an international conference be added to your account. This will give you two conferences on one account, which means you'll have two sets of access codes. Please note that on International conferences, the US and Canada rate increases to 9.9¢ per minute, so when using the service with only US or Canadian participants, use your original 7.9¢ rate conference codes.

International Toll Free Rates

Country Toll Free Rate For Comparison Only
Out-dial Rate
USA $0.099 $0.079
Argentina $0.419 $0.079
Australia $0.129 $0.079
Brazil $0.249 $0.079
Canada $0.099 $0.079
China* $0.709 $0.079
Columbia $0.459 $0.241
Denmark $0.199 $0.079
France $0.129 $0.079
Germany $0.199 $0.079
Greece $0.199 $0.079
Hong Kong $0.199 $0.079
Indonesia $0.229 $0.265
Italy $0.199 $0.079
Japan $0.429 $0.079
Korea (South) $0.199 $0.079
Mexico $0.329 $0.079
Netherlands $0.129 $0.079
New Zealand $0.199 $0.079
Norway $0.229 $0.079
Panama $0.489 $0.315
Poland $0.369 $0.147
Russia $0.199 $0.079
Singapore $0.269 $0.079
Spain $0.389 $0.079
Sweden $0.199 $0.079
Switzerland $0.199 $0.079
Taiwan $0.229 $0.079
United Kingdom $0.129 $0.079
Venezuela $0.489 $0.227

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