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Toll Free Internet Fax to Email - $2 per month

toll free faxReceive faxes without tying up your phone line or sharing the company fax machine with an Accu800 toll free number. Just $2 per month and 5.9¢ per minute for inbound faxes. Forward faxes to anyone else with an email address.

  • Faxes sent to your Accu800 number are delivered directly and privately to your email inbox as a PDF attachment. Important faxes aren't delayed because your fax machine is busy. Plus, archiving and searching for important faxes becomes as easy as saving files on your PC.
  • You're no longer tied to your office to get your faxes. You can get faxes anywhere you can access your email.
  • Everyone in the company can now have their own, PRIVATE fax number - no more worrying about sensitive documents sitting in the public fax machine!
  • People sending you faxes simply dial your toll free fax number and press the "send" button on their fax machine. Their fax then shows up as an attachment in your email inbox. You can read it on your computer or print it out like any other document.

Our Personal Story

Internet faxing has been around for quite a few years now. We formerly used an in-bound fax service that billed us just $3.95 per month, but over the years it increased first to $7.95, then $9.95 per month with a limit of 150 inbound faxes. If you needed more than that the price went up from there. In addition to that we had a toll free number that rang to our fax number that billed at $1 per month and 3.9¢ per minute. Since we receive only a few faxes each month, this was beginning to look like a very unnecessary expense so we started looking for a better option.

We didn't have to look far. We already had an AccuConference conference call account account that was billing our conference calls to our credit card. Within that account we were able to add a toll free number for just $2 per month and then 5.9¢ per minute for calls received. This is a programmable toll free number that you can set to ring to land line or set it to receive faxes only. We chose the fax option and now we have a toll free fax line that instantly sends faxes to our email inbox in PDF format.

So What's the Catch?

There really isn't any catch, but the rather strange part of explaining this fax receive option to our customers is that you must sign up for an AccuConference account in order to get the Accu800 toll free number. You may not need a conference call service. . .

But the good news is:

  • There is no charge to sign-up for AccuConference and if you don't use it, there will be no charges associated with the conference part of your account
  • If you ever do need a conference service, you already have an account
  • Getting an Accu800 toll free number is almost instant once you have your AccuConference account
  • You can get multiple toll free numbers on one account, $2/month each
  • Calling your Accu800 toll free fax number from Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada is the same low 5.9¢ rate
  • Residents of both the US and Canada can get an AccuConference account

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