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Temporary Dial-up Internet Account

Our customers have often come to us looking for temporary Internet access because they are traveling to locations where their current proivder doesn't have dial-up numbers, or they have broadband at their home or office and they need a way to get on-line when they travel.

If you are in need of temporary Internet access we recommend you open an account with MaGlobe. MaGlobe has dial-up numbers all over the US and Canada. When you open an account, you prepay for your on-line time. There are no monthly fees and when you no longer need the temporary Internet account, you don't have to cancel anything. You can just use up your minutes or let any remaining minutes sit dormant for up to one year.

Benefits of MaGlobe for Temporary Internet Access

  • Free Trial!
  • No set-up or activation fee
  • No monthly recurring fees
  • Works just like a rechargeable prepaid phone card. You buy some minutes, use them up, buy more only when needed.
  • One-second billing
  • Over 25,000 local numbers in the US and Canada
  • Free POP e-mail account with 10MB storag
  • Works on PC, Macintosh, Palm, Windows CE, Linux Operating Systems

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