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Prepaid Long Distance

Like a dialaround but prepaid. Rates are usually lower. Read More...

Prepaid Phone Cards

Phone cards are usually sold in set dollar amounts or with a set number of minutes pre-loaded. Read More...

Dial-Around Service for Long Distance Calls

dialaroundWith dial around you can save money on your long distance without changing your long distance carrier. Just sign up for any of these dialaround providers and use their service whenever you need a lower rate than your regular carrier can offer. Many people can save substantially using dial around for their in-state and international calls

These dial around programs are 800-number dialaround plans. But they work essentially the same way as a 10-10 long distance dial around program. With 800 dial around you dial a toll free number, listen for the voice prompt, then dial your regular number as usual.

Dial Around Plans - Billed Monthly

These plans all bill monthly. For even cheaper domestic and international dialaround rates, see Prepaid Long Distance.

PowerNetGlobal 6.4¢ per minute - More Info & Signup. . .

A little high for domestic rates, but great international rates. Now you do not have to sign up for long distance service to receive excellent international rates and the domestic rate of 6.4¢/min flat rate - anywhere in the continental United States for your State-to-State calls! No monthly billing fee.

IBN Tel 2.3¢ per minute - More Info & Signup. . .

Great domestic rate of 2.3¢ in most areas.  Change your long distance or opt for the dial around service with an access code. $1.95 low usage fee if your bill is less than $20.

















$4.95 / Month Hosting